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Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Than Two-By-Two ~ A Conversation with God

(Globe designed by Christine Epiphany Sanctuary)

"Not in church again, Mimi, I see."
"Oh, you noticed. Well you see, I've been busy, God. I mean preoccupied, well...the power went out while I was drying my hair uh.....would you believe a flat tire?

God is not amused.

I dreamed last night I was in a global village, God, and everywhere I looked there were all nationalities.....
Gem driving a pink cadillac down the streets of the North Pole ..and Travis danced under the a flashing disco streetlight...and Cheysuli was ...

Yes, God?
But Cheysuli was...

"There are no streets at the North Pole. No streets? Hmmmm.. But where does Santa drive his...
"We'll discuss that later, Mimi.

"Now where was I? I remember now...Cheysuli was elected President and Lizza sat on a throne in the Great White North.

Silence. Of the God-kind.

"Mimi, Lizza lives in Asia. That's west, my dear, not north."
"But it's north from somewhere! And God?

"Yes, Your Royal Highness?"

"You're interrupting me again."

"Sorry. I just thought I saw a blue flash in a heavenly cloud. Strangest distraction. Continue, my dear.
(God taking notes:

Mimi needs to learn a little respect. Throw her a little test after peace globes.)

I have a confession to make, Lord.
Just a minute, Mims, I need a bigger pad to write on.
(Did I just imagine a giggle from that cloud outside my window?)

(Mimi taking notes: God needs a sense of humor. Throw Him a little test after peace globes.)

I can't learn the language, Lord. Not before Wednesday. My new friends are counting on me. The cats, the dogs, the gerbils. Did you know gerbils talk, Lord? No wonder Noah had to build condos with built-in speakers on the Ark. I can hardly hear a word they're saying.

But God! The dogs are barking!! And drowning out the little animals. It's a zoo I tell ya...
"Mims....about the Ark (God taking notes: Mimi missed Sunday School when the teacher played pin-the-two-by-fours-on-the-ark. Refresher needed.)

The Ark, Mimi....there was no noise, dear. A peaceful voyage it was .

It was raining that day, wasn't it God?
Yes, Mimi but there were no stereo speakers and no one needed to shout and....
Then how did the little people get by?

Well discuss this later, Mimi.
(God taking notes: Do not bring up anything past Genesis with her ever again, especially the Garden of Eden and anything to do with fig leaves.)

Any more questions? I really need to find out what all this commotion is in the blogosphere today. There's a rumbling cloud or two with a vibrating blue beat I haven't seen near Heaven before. I think Lennon is singing somewhere near that bouncing ball over there......And there are kittens, a slew of canines, hootin' owls, bead birds and even people. They look"

God, are you feeling alright?
Does your confession have anything to do with a rainbow, Miss Lenox? Have you been in the paint-by-number kit again?

I think I can explain. See, that's what my confession is about. You might be getting some visitors soon and it's all my fault.

God? Are you there? God! I need to ask a question about the ark and the promise and peace and really important stuff. This is no time to go cloud hopping.

God making notes: Maybe she does get it.

And Mimi, about that pencil skirt....

We'll discuss that later, Lord.

I think I just heard thunder.

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