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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Those Crazy Cats

Of course I'm talking about The Cat Blogosphere. With a universe unto themselves you never know what's shaking over there. They're furry organized and leave soft kitty nuzzles wherever they go. I like their propensity to pray for others and the kind vibe I get when visiting. I hope they'll let me into their world, as I only have a cyber cat, Persian Patticakes (you can see her in the sidebar.....isn't she cute?)
I think that makes me a cyber-cat-person. Do I qualify?? Everybody everyone you all Effurryone should go see them today. Just click the globe.
And that's about all the catspeak I know. What do you expect?

I'm just a human bean.

They are my Peace Bloggers of The Week!

Posted by Mimi Lenox :: 8:33 AM :: 1 comments

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