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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Just Need a Small Army

I think the time has come for me to ask for help.


Less than 34 days 'til The Big Event

Swallowing my pride, laying down my I-can-do-it-myself nonsense and asking you to please consider spreading the word on your blogs about the upcoming BlogBlast For Peace.

Last November (can you believe it's been a year?) we stormed blogland with our beautiful spinning globes. It was like waking up on Christmas morning.

Click. Blue globes everywhere.

Click. Beautiful stories that wrote themselves

Click. Cats, cats cats!!

Click. Mommies blogging for peace

Click. Canines bl-barking for peace

Click. From Hong Kong to Trinidad to Canada to New York - Global representation

Click. Children creating art in PaintShop

Click. Poetry in motion on a peace globe

Click. Globes, globes, globes!


It was magic.

And we created that magic together in the blogosphere.

Let's do it again.

I'm sooooo excited about this year's BlogBlast. There's an electricity in the air this time of year in Bloggingham Palace. Wonderful things happen. Old friendships are renewed. New acquaintances are made.

Peace Globes Day is a day of unity.



Good wishes.



The best of the blogosphere comes to light.

The rewards of posting a peace post on November 7, 2007 will astound you. The best part is watching bloggers visit each other and reading the comments.

It is positively inspiring to watch.

It happened all over the world. It happened on my blog. It happened on your blog.

Just 33 days? Enough time to amass an army?

Not a problem.

P.S. Where are the cats? Somebody tell the cats!! I've said it before and I'll say it again - They are a force to be reckoned with. Don't mess with the cats, my friends. They could tidy up this revolution with one silly little purr.

How You Can Help

1. Fly a banner on your site
2. Place a link to the
How To Get A Peace Globe post on your blog
3. Put a logo in your sidebar (see mine for inspiration and write if you'd like any of these codes)
4. Write a post about it!
5. Rally your blogroll ie: Blogger Chicks, Thursday Thirteeners, Wordless Wednesday, Blogging Chicks, Manic Monday, Blogger Chicks. Mommy blogs, cat blogs, dog blogs, etc etc.
5. Talk it up!

I have been invited to be on two BlogTalk Radio shows in the next few weeks. Details forthcoming! One in October - I'll let the host of that show tell you about it first before I break the news - AND I will be co-hosting The Mo Show November 7th with my friend and master blogger, Morgen from It's a Blog Eat Blog World. We'll be blogging for peace on that day. How cool is that?? Get ready to call in and share a little peace globe inspiration. I'm so excited!

See you later. On a mission.....

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