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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something Weird Is Happening in Bloggingham

It started last night. I was doing my usual blogathon guerilla marketing techniques (right after Tae-Bo, too, always puts me in the mood) for Peace Globes and a strange feeling came over me. I looked out the window - seen here from my ordinary perch - and the entire sky was filled with a big blue light! See??

Thinking I'd had just a bit too much cold medicine (you know I ran to the store after they recalled that stuff! Just kidding.....) I decided to go to bed and started again today.
This morning the dining area at the end of my kitchen looks like this.

I can't even go to the grocery store! Heck, I can't even go into the next room without being suffocated with blue lights - hmmmm....wonder if that's why I attracted those police officers last's all your fault! Peace Globes, apparently, are lined up outside waiting to get in.

This is where you will find me this weekend.
With a cup or two or thirty-two of java in front of my computer screen.

I seriously need a life.
Anyone know of a guy who would put up with this??!
I look like a Smurf.
I can't decide if I need a makeover or an electrician.
But I am smiling and it is wonderful.

Keep sending 'em in. I'll get back to normal after November 7th.
Click here to get your peace globe.

And please, stop honking your horns.

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