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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteens You Must Read

I'm not a regular Thursday Thirteen participant but I wanted to bring your attention to two bloggers who recently took it upon themselves to include BlogBlast For Peace in their TT.

Turnbaby from And As The World Turns has put a face and a name on this war. The best thirteen reasons I've ever seen to blog for peace. And there are nearly 4,000 more just like them, not counting coalition forces and Iraquis killed.
Please visit Thirteen Reasons To BlogBlast For Peace.

Thank you, Turn!

Now head on over to
Trav's Thoughts for this Thursday Thirteen link and you will find Thirteen groovy hip-hopping dancin' reasons to blog for peace.
And while I was there, I found that he is talking about globes again today! Except......well.....he sort of had an epiphany of a different sort. Ahem.

An original peace blogger he is.

P.S. Hope to see you on the Dr. Anonymous show tonight.
Blogtalk radio 10 pm est. Call in!

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