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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4000 Dead. But who's counting?

Not counting those who found themselves in triage and died later (They aren't counted in the official tally.) Not counting the women and children.
Not counting those who suffered so tremendously they ended their own lives after returning home. Not counting the maimed and the wounded and the scarred, the bruised and the sick. Not counting the tortured, the kidnapped, and the journalists in harm's way. Not counting the Missing In Action.
Not counting the 89,000 Iraqi civilian casualties.

I don't want to debate why we're there, how we got there or whether their deaths were "in vain".
They're dead.

My voice counts. Bring them home.

Meanwhile, we'll all just count.

4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005.....

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