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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Colors of Peace ~ 1,091 Strong (and counting....)

Happy 4th of July in America!
It's a beautiful summer day in Bloggingham. I am ready to begin work on an exciting writing project that I've left untouched for months. The coffee is ready, the flowers are planted, and Bloggingham is quiet- ripe for my imagination to run free. A while ago I completed the peace globe link rounds, over 300 posts. If you didn't find a comment from me, please let know. The posts were truly a "revolution of words" in the truest sense and I will share some of those gems in a later post. Upper left: Canadian Billy Warhol's "Malevic" from Billion Dollar Baloney.

The grand total of peace globes flown since the project began 18 months ago is...
1091 and I am finding more everyday.

Many new locations and first-time peace globers participated on June 4th including a globe from Nairobi, Kenya. Here are a few examples of the colors I found in the blogosphere.

Click on the globe to be transported to the site.

Back to writing.....

House Panthers ~ Morgen in Michigan

Mokkikunta ~ Lisboa, Portugal

Eco-Friendly Life and Toys ~ Sandpoint, Idaho

Carol For Peace ~ Denver, Colorado

Olde Lavendar Prims ~ New York

Globe designed by Sanni at Pimp-Your-Blog, Germany

Twisted Sister ~ Newfoundland ~ designed by her daughter

KSHippyChic ~ Kansas

Late Bloomer Boomer ~ Princess Patti Late Bloomer Boomer breaks out in pink peace!

Picklebums ~ Victoria, Australia

The World According To Shearyadi ~ Jakarta, Indonesia

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