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Friday, October 31, 2008

Campaign PeaceQuarters

Welcome to the headquarters of Bloggingham Palace, home of the flying peace globes. It's a circus! Not only are globes pouring into my mailbox but the meme seems to be spreading like wildfire in the blogosphere. The next few days I will meme it meme it meme it again and again. The response has been "Why haven't I heard about this before? Count me in!" So the push will be on until next Thursday. If any of you want to help me in your spare time (like who has spare time??!) just email and I'll delicately delegate a job for you. Please don't take offense if you get memed again or have already sent in your globe or you see a drop in your comment box. I could have made a mistake and memed ya tiwce. (It's been known to happen.)

There are so many peace globes we had to build an expansion to the mansion! See? Thanks Bud for your "construction" (and constructive) assistance.

Until November 6th, Homer and I will be barricaded in the palace counting globes, answering emails, writing posts, eating cheetos and preparing for a couple of radio shows (Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour on Tuesday the 4th at 9pm Eastern and Dr. Anonymous on the 6th).

But I have an awesome helper.

1. I taught Homer to count
2. I taught Homer to spell Dona nobis pacem

3. I taught Homer to sing Dona nobis pacem
4. I taught Homer to fetch my coffee

5. I taught Homer to clean up spilled coffee

He's enjoying it immensely!! I can understand that he may be a little bored but really (!) I think all this peaceful bonding may be a turning point in our relationship. He seems to be adjusting well to my hourly tantrums and has learned since I began this post to pour French Vanilla without spilling it on my crown. I'm so proud of him!

That dog is a genius I tell ya.
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to attempt to teach him to Google "BlogBlast For Peace".....He knows his alphabet up to T.You know he loves me.
Right, Homer? ...Homer?!
(I'm outta coffee poochie dear.....)


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