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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peace Globes Came Calling ~ On Television?

Wouldn't that be nice?
Well, it happened! Sort of.....
She writes speaks her mind, "My interpretation is obviously tv, the media to be more specific. I just cannot stand the fact that when people suffer a tragedy, it's all over the news, and the reporters are in their face, faking concern over the whole thing. I want to Grant those people peace. They need it."

Oh gosh! I just heard something..."What's that Homer? (He's my Palace Dog) Katie Couric said what??!"

"Thousands of bloggers all over the world will blog for peace November 6th in a grassroots movement called BlogBlast For Peace. Google complains today that its servers are down due to the high volume of bloggers flying something called "peace globes." Stay tuned to CBS NEWS for further developments on this late breaking story..."

Homer! Did you hear that??!


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