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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peace Bloggers on Facebook ~ A new place to connect

Did you know there are currently over 2000 peace globes from 53 countries at and 1260 members in the "cause" on FB? All of them are peace bloggers! And the numbers are growing exponentially. Have you added your name to these pages? Please do.

The BlogBlast For Peace page is here on FB. You can see the albums full of peace globes and information. I find new globes everyday!

Now we also have a new page for Peace Bloggers.  THIS you don't want to miss. It's a place for peace bloggers of the past to reconnect, those in the present who keep the movement going to connect daily and future generations of peace bloggers to begin their journey with us.
**The first 2 logos on this page were created by Scottish author Michelle Yd Frost for the 2011 launch.  Feel free to use them and share any of the graphics on this page.**

Won't you drop by and say hello?

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